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                            About Jiuchang

                            Corporate Culture Home -> About Jiuchang ->Corporate Culture
                            Enterprise purpose:

                            For the benefit of the world, serve the people, the country, the pursuit of profit.
                            Zero turnovers, Zero distance, zero delay, customer satisfaction, user appreciated.

                            Brand Strategy:

                            Emphasize quality for survival, good faith for the advancement, service to win customers,
                            Taking science and technology as the guide, innovation to make development, improve management to win profit.

                            Entrepreneur ship:

                            Affectionate, supportive, concentric, win-win. 

                            Talent Concept:

                            Focus on ability, Discover the talents, cultivation

                            talents, promote the growth of talents. 

                            Business philosophy:

                            Customer satisfaction is the only standard to measure our work.
                            Quality is the life of the enterprise.
                            talent is the root of development.

                            Enterprise style:


                            Safe and quick, efficient and high quality.

                            Attach importance to; moral and talent, innovation for development.


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