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                                Customer Service

                                Pre-sale services Home -> Customer Service ->Pre-sale services

                                1 . Equipment selection

                                Customers can inquire through the website , phone , mail, fax, etc. for detailed product information, sales and technical staff will be enthusiastic to help customers answer technical and business issues . Customers to Jiuchang company on-the-spot investigation, we are equipped with commercial vehicle the entire process for you, solve your travel problems , the sales staff will take you to visit our first-class production line , advanced processing equipment , give you Jiuchang 's assembly technology, processing capacity more in-depth understanding , recognition and confidence. Company have been equipped with a professional design team to help customers free sampling of materials testing, measurement, analysis , combined with site conditions , productivity , and ultimately the aggregate size requirements , after the investment cost estimates, feasibility analysis demonstrates , the final design best processes and programs , in a short period of time to provide free on-site " floor plan , three-dimensional maps, equipment base map" for customers to select the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment.

                                2 . The purpose of service

                                Thank you for your choice Shandong Jiuchang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. products , the practice can prove you choose our products is correct, our caring service, manufacturing carefully , the prices heart in exchange for the customer's worry, happy, will bring efficient choice for your return . My company has cultivated a group of skilled and experienced staff, not only pre -site service free of charge to the user ; After the installation is also free to send service personnel arrived at the scene to guide installation and commissioning of the equipment , the equipment can be a good run , relieve you more peace of mind. The services we offer, may still imperfect place, we will continue to improve through practice

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