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                                Customer Service

                                Installation and debugging Home -> Customer Service ->Installation and debugging
                                1. When the equipment manufacturing is completed, our company will send 1 or 2 engineers to the scene to guide customers to the installation and debugging of the machine .
                                2 .The installation scheme determined according to both sides carefully and respect the requirements of customer technical personnel on-site service .
                                3 . In order to be more efficient on-site installation and commissioning, if necessary, the customer needs with the appropriate installation equipment and tools , until normal operation of equipment , production of finished material qualified to run a week , until the user satisfaction .
                                4 . On-site installation of the production process to comply with safety rules , provide detailed specification of products to customers , electrical schematics, and related data .
                                5 . Before the device is turned on to conduct a comprehensive inspection of production , and make a record , make sure the parts properly put into trial operation.
                                6 . The operation of the equipment during equipment inspection tour and found the problem immediately resolved to take decisive action against major hidden faults.
                                7 . Transmission parts lubricated equipment in accordance with the curing time , quality and safety checks carried out after the shutdown of key parts , and make a record .
                                8 . Timely communication with customers operating personnel, irregularities occur during the operation of the check processing .
                                9 . To provide customers with a complete list of equipment spare parts to customers to buy at any time .
                                10 . After the equipment is installed , training the technical personnel of customer, equipment operation, repair, maintenance and other content on-site training , the specific content :
                                (1)The overall structure, working principle of equipment, work training .
                                (2)The role of equipment parts at all levels, operation method, mutual connection .
                                (3) Equipment installation, debugging method and points for attention, installation requirements
                                (4) Equipment of the electrical principle, installation and debugging methods .
                                (5)Training routine maintenance , and troubleshooting common faults. Each key component parameter measurements ( no load, with load ) , each common parts replacement methods and precautions .
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