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                                    Customer Service

                                    Service Home -> Customer Service ->Service
                                        Shandong Jiuchang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.  since its inception , has been to provide customers with a comprehensive star service, and has a skilled , experienced , responsible and service team , dedicated to solve customer installation, after-sales service and the training of operators and other issues.
                                        Customers is the company's God  , we pay special attention to long-term relationships with customers. Sure, the old customers trust our customers is critical , so we always uphold the depth of communication with customers to ensure quality of service , and fully ensure the best interests of customers.
                                        After the client machine production operations , we regularly keep track of customer visits , understand the current status of the machine is running , capacity, consumable usage and the problems encountered by customers , for the first time to solve problems and technical guidance. Customer feedback on the operation of equipment problems analyzed with feedback to the R & D department to optimize the design , to fully integrate the most advanced , the most reasonable technique applied to the device, to achieve excellence made products .
                                    1.If the product has quality problems during the warranty period, the warranty will be implemented .
                                    2. Beyond the warranty period the product , according to the user needs to do a paid service .
                                    3.The company established parts supply system to ensure that the first time to meet customer demand for replacement parts, reduce customer's time for customers to purchase replacement parts thus provide great convenience.
                                    4. If any problems in the use of our product , you'll receive a notice, the solution is sure to be made within two hours , a major problem in the province 12 hours to reach the scene , outside the province 24-48 hours to reach the on-site repair service .
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